My Dog is Cool | What Cool People Are Doing
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What Cool People Are Doing

Too Cool!

For every incident we hear about a dog left in a hot car, there’s a group of cool people who helped get the dog rescued and the dog’s guardian educated. There are people calling 911 all across the United States when they see a dog left in a car and that’s just about the coolest thing you can do as it just might save that dog’s life!

There are also cool people who are organizing tabling events to get their community educated, people working with retailers to get signs placed in their stores or parking lots and others writing letters to the editor. There is cool stuff going on to save dogs all across the states – and we’re collecting a sampling of cool deeds.

If you know of anyone out there (including yourself!) doing something cool to save dogs, please let us know so we can share your success and ideas to inspire others to get more involved as well

Carol Scafuro and Mary McCallum worked to post signs in Ludlow, Vermont. Parking lots are the perfect place to remind people that leaving their dogs (or children!) in a parked car can be dangerous (and in some states, illegal). Contact us about working to get signs in your community.