My Dog is Cool | Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan

Teaching Kids to Keep Dogs Cool in the Classroom

Through concepts in mathematics, physics and biology, students learn why it is dangerous to leave a dog in a hot car in RedRover’s “Hot Rod Hot Dog” lesson plan

Teach children about the dangers of hot cars before they even learn to drive! Students will learn how fast cars can reach deadly temperatures after completing this lesson – and more. They will apply concepts in physics, biology and mathematics to a real-life problem that sadly occurs all too often: When people leave their dog in a closed vehicle while they shop, dine or run errands. Students will also use their new knowledge to discuss and discover ways to spread the word about keeping dogs cool and preventing animal suffering.

The lesson plan is designed for students at the fifth grade level and includes adaptations for younger and older students. The lesson plan also aligns with content standards. Just visit RedRover to get your “Hot Rod, Hot Dog” Lesson Plan »