My Dog is Cool | Take the Pledge
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Take the Pledge

Is Your Dog Cool?

Now that you’re ready to prevent dogs from dying in hot cars, why not start with the most important canine of all… yours! Take the Cool Dog pledge together! Pledge to keep your dog cool you and your dog will be seen in our campaign to prevent dogs from dying in hot cars.

Here’s how:

  1. Print out the “My Dog is Cool” pledge certificate (Adobe PDF).
  2. Write your dog’s name on the pledge certificate.
  3. Take a close-up picture of your dog(s) with the pledge certificate.
  4. Email your photo to

That’s it. We’ll add your dog’s photo to our “Cool Dogs” Gallery where you can find your Cool Dog’s photo to share with your friends and family and urge them to take the pledge as well!

Please note: We only publish your dog(s)’ picture if your photo contains the My Dog is Cool Pledge certificate. Please do not send previously taken photos of your dog without the certificate.

Check out all the cool dogs (and their guardians) who have already taken the Cool Dog Pledge.

Our Latest Cool Dogs

Join Gia and her family, who have taken the pledge to never leave a dog in a hot car! Just follow the simple instructions to the left and add your dog to the Cool Dog Gallery.