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Cool Tools to Save Dogs

What if we told you that a piece of paper could save a dog’s life? It can if that piece of paper is a Hot Car Flyer! Our popular Hot Car Flyers contain information about the dangers of hot cars as well as what to do if someone sees an animal in distress. Some people hand them out at events, ask pet stores or the like to keep a stack on their counter or place them on cars.

Some other tools are signs and posters displayed in stores, parking lots, veterinarians, libraries and more! The more places the message is displayed, the more dogs we can save.

Check back as we add more tools to help keep dogs cool. Do you have a good idea for a tool that can save dogs? Let us know.

Hot Car Flyers

Our most popular tool for saving dogs! Keep a stack handy to hand out whenever you’re out and about – especially in parking lots. These bright-orange flyers contain information about the dangers of hot cars as well as what to do if someone sees an animal in distress. Hand them out at events, ask pet stores, movie theaters, restaurants and the like to keep a stack on their counters.

[Note that we are out of the premium pre-printed flyers, but you can click below to print your own flyers.]

Download a free black & white copy of the flyers to print and cut out at home.

Download B&W Hot Car Flyer

If you work or volunteer for a shelter or rescue group or want to promote your business with this compassionate message, download a file of the Hot Car Flyer with space at the bottom to add your logo and other information. Then you can take the flyers to your printer and produce as many as you need.

Download Personalized Hot Car Flyer
Premium Hot Car Flyer - Front & Back
B&W Hot Car Flyers - Preview
B&W Personalized Hot Car Flyers - Preview
Not As Tough Poster - Full Preview

Hot Car Posters

Anywhere there’s a parking lot, there’s the danger of someone leaving his or her dog in the car to suffer. Ask stores, businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues and more to display hot car posters on their windows or doors to educate people how dangerous it is to leave their dog in the car. You can also display the posters at events, add to your office bulletin board or anywhere pet-lovers frequent.

Download ``Windows Cracked`` Poster
Download ``Not As Tough`` Poster
Download ``Don't Leave Me`` Poster
Download ``Hot Over`` Poster

Hot Car Signs

The people who leave their dog in the car are usually thinking they won’t be gone long, it’s not that hot or that they’ve parked in the shade or left the windows down. We know these can all be deadly mistakes! That’s why we’ve created signs to educate people at the location of the incidents… in parking lots.

These signs can be printed on paper and hung on store doors, but by then people have already left their dog in the car. Instead, signs created for outdoor use and displayed in parking lots can have a huge influence on saving dogs. Contact us for more information on the steps to take to get signs produced and posted in parking lots.

Download Hot Car Sign
Hot Car Sign - Full Preview