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Get the Facts: Dogs Die in Hot Cars Much Quicker Than You Think!

Inside a car, fifty percent of the temperature increase typically occurs in the first twenty minutes. This means when it is 64°F (18°C) outside, inside your car it can reach 93°F (34°C) in 20 minutes and a staggering 122°F (50°C) in a matter of an hour. Don’t think – for a minute – that your dog can withstand the rising temperatures of a parked car!

Due to the Greenhouse Effect, you might as well leave your dog in an oven – cause that’s what it’s like to a dog in a hot car. Seriously.

When it come to handling the heat, dogs cannot take it as hot as we can. Their body temperature is already higher than ours. They can’t sweat. And panting, their main means of cooling off, is a rather inefficient means of dissipating body heat especially in a hot, humid car. Find out more about the dangers of hot cars below. The more you know, the more dogs you can keep cool – especially your own!

It’s Like Cooking Him From the Inside Out.

FOR  IMMEDIATE RELEASE When the Weather Heats up, Dogs Suffer and Die in Hot Cars Like They Were Being Cooked in a Microwave Oven. But It’s 100% Preventable!   SACRAMENTO, CA – Every year, when the weather heats up, countless dogs die from exposure to......

Bi-Partisan Group of Legislators Introduce California Right to Rescue Legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Capital Office: (916) 319-2053 District Office: (213) 620-4646 (Sacramento, CA) Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago and Marc Steinorth, in conjunction with Senator Steve Glazer, Assemblymember Bill Quirk, and 13 other co-authors announce introduction of new legislation aimed at protecting Good Samaritans in California. Earlier......

Legislation empowers Good Samaritan citizens to save dogs trapped in hot cars

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Victoria Stewart – (916) 319-2040 Media Advisory: Assembly Members Steinorth, Santiago Announce “Right to Rescue” Legislation at Humane Society of the United States Rally SACRAMENTO – Assembly Members Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga), Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) and Senator......

Let Us Know What You’d Like to See to Help Keep Dogs Cool

We’d like to get your feedback! Let us know what kind of tools and products you’d like to see My Dog is Cool create to help you keep dogs cool in your community. Our short survey only takes a couple minutes to complete. Take our......

Help…. I’m melting!

Take a look at what happens to a dog left in a hot car at the mall parking lot!...

Why Can’t Dogs Handle the Heat.

What happens when we get too hot? We sweat, all over. But it’s actually the evaporation of the perspiration from our skin that provides the cooling effect. This aids in our Thermoregulation, the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries,......