My Dog is Cool | Junior Humane Society
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Junior Humane Society

Junior Humane Society/United Humanitarians Needs Your Help to Keep Dogs Cool! Junior Humane Society

The Junior Humane Society (JHS) is a non-profit, all volunteer, animal rescue group. For the past 25 years, we have taken in owner released pets so they won’t be taken to the pound/animal shelter.

All animals waiting for adoption are placed in foster homes. Before placing the animal in a permanent home we provide all necessary vet care, including but not limited to shots, spaying and neutering.

Will You Sponsor Junior Humane Society/United Humanitarians?

JHS needs 5,000 Hot Car Flyers and 400 Hot Car Posters to distribute at the various public events, such as its weekly pet adoption, upcoming Barktoberfest, can shake fundraisers, an upcoming yard sale, any where we are in the public, they will have these flyers for distribution.  JHS will also distribute to the local law enforcement agencies — Pensacola Police Department and the Escambia Sheriff’s Office as they have worked with the Sheriff’s Office in Pensacola Beach when one of the JHS officers took part in rescuing a dog from a vehicle.

Posters will be distributed to local businesses for posting at their building entrances, to the Santa Rosa Island Authority for posting at its toll booths going onto Pensacola Beach.  Any place there is a place to park, we will do our best to get these into those areas.

It only takes $1,200 to sponsor Junior Humane Society and get them the materials they need to keep dogs cool! Contact us today and let us know that you’ll sponsor this rescue group — or even to sponsor part of their order. Florida dogs will be forever grateful!

To learn more about this organization, visit their website.