My Dog is Cool | Bryant Animal Control and Adoption Center
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Bryant Animal Control and Adoption Center

Bryant Animal Control Needs Your Help to Keep Dogs Cool!

The staff of Bryant Animal Control and Adoption Center is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals in Bryant, Arkansas and educating others about responsible pet ownership.

They reinforce the ideals of their above mission statement every day by providing daily care for the animals in their shelter, assisting citizens visiting the shelter, as well as out in their community. They respond to calls regarding animal welfare and animal-related concerns, enforce the laws and ordinances regarding the care and treatment of animals, host off-site animal adoption events, and provide educational information at public events such as Fall Fest and National Night Out, in partnership with neighborhood and civic organizations as well as other departments of the city.


Will You Sponsor Bryant Animal Control?

Bryant Animal Control needs 100 Hot Car Flyers and 30 Hot Car Posters to distribute and place posters in prominent areas in store windows around their community. They would also like to ask their citizens to complete the Cool Dog Pledge

It only takes $400 to sponsor Bryant Animal Control and get them the materials they need to keep dogs cool! Contact us today and let us know that you’ll sponsor this rescue group. Arkansas dogs will be forever grateful!

To learn more about this organization, visit their website.