My Dog is Cool | Beaumont Animal Services
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Beaumont Animal Services

Beaumont Animal Services Needs Your Help to Keep Dogs Cool!
Beaumont Animal Services
Their mission is to protect the welfare of animals and citizens in the City of Beaumont, Texas, by providing comprehensive pet adoption and animal control services. They reunite lost animals with their families, place stray pets with loving and responsible individuals, promote the humane care and treatment of animals according to city ordinances and state law, and respond quickly and professionally to citizen concerns regarding animals. And they remind their citizens that one of the most important things they can do to help the animals in their community is to spay or neuter their pet.

Will you sponsor Beaumont Animal Services?

B.A.S. needs 500 Hot Car Flyers and 100 of Hot Car Posters to hand out and display to help keep dogs cool in their community. They are planning a big event in June to bring awareness to the dangers of leaving pets and children in cars with a big display at their local mall and would appreciate having these hot car materials to pass out to educate visitors. Will you be their cool supporter and sponsor their materials for their big event?

It only takes $225 to sponsor Beaumont Animal Services and get them the materials they need to keep dogs cool! Contact us today and let us know that you’ll sponsor B.A.S. Texas dogs will be forever grateful!

For more information, visit their Facebook page and website.